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Cornelius Flewellen

Pastor Cornelius Flewellen is an ordained licensed Pastor, was baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost under the leadership of the late Dr. Earl Fisher at the age of 15. Have spent most of my life actively involved in church work in some type of capacity. Worked with father making major repairs around the church, after graduation from high school became president of the Young People’s department and led it up until leaving home for the Air Force.

After discharge from the Air Force with an Honorable discharge I moved to Oklahoma in 1968 to attend Spartan School of Aeronautics, while there traveled the state singing with a anointed music group that touched the lives of many people; we originally provided the choir or music for our state meetings. I have spent numerable years teaching Adult Sunday School classes, from there I served as Sunday School superintendent at least six different terms; while teaching God was dealing with me about the ministry. I didn’t feel worthy of the call and didn’t want to be an failure so for 13 years I ran from the calling of God on my life. While driving back home from a state meeting I had a encounter with God that I hadn’t anticipated, he informed me that if after being called out, fleeced with conformation and still not being acceptable to the tugging by him to ministry I was given an ultimatum. Either I accept the call of he would hold the blood of everyone I came in contact with and could of witnessed to and altered their life in being saved; that he would hold me blood accountable for each soul that was lost. That night I heard from God loud and clear and surrendered to the call and never looked back,

I informed my pastor W. H. Black who already knew the call on my life. I went on to attend Aenon Bible college and became a licensed Elder and then ordained. Twice, I have served as assistant pastor, at a 15 and 1200 member churches. Was responsible for being Ministerial Coordinator of 30 plus ministers while also serving as Sunday School superintendent during a time of need. Since accepting my call in the ministry in 1992 I have had a hunger and love for God’s people, I am very passionate and take what I do for God and his people seriously. I’m a preacher/teacher and have the heart of God’s people at heart. I am from “old school” and believe totally in God’s word. My job is to preach and teach and reach the souls of those who desire to live obedient Godly saved lives for Christ.

Each member can expect from me to be their pastor from the youngest to the oldest without respect of persons, each and every member is important to me. Expect me to be involved and to be concerned when there is an crisis with any member day or night. I take my job seriously, you’ll find I'm a no nonsense pastor; but believe you can still have a good time while serving God. I'm determined to get us from earth to heaven, and hear the Lord say, well done thy good and faithful servant